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One of the many things that the PlayStation 3 has going for it is a really deep and expansive game library, even more so than that of its main competitor, the Xbox. While some games might not be as great as they were on other systems, there are still a plethora of titles on PS3 that can offer hours of entertainment. One title from this legacy is Mafia 2. The second installment in the popular series offers up more of what you loved from its predecessor without neglecting any important changes to improve upon elements from before. If you’re a fan of the first game, then this one will definitely be on your list of titles to rent or purchase. Mafia 2 is the sequel to the original game called Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven which was released back in 2002. It has been five years since that title was released and this new title carries forward some of what fans loved about that one while improving upon many others aspects. This game has all the makings of what every gamer loves; it has shooting, fighting, shooting, an expansive world, and more shooting. This game revolves around the story of Vito Scaletta, a new family member who desires to take down the Mafia. What makes this game unique is that it takes place in New York City which means there are many things to do. You can venture out into the night to go on side missions or you can spend time at night with your family doing some fun activities. This title has an astounding number of cars, weapons, and other items that offer up a completely immersive experience. This includes the ability to customize your character’s look as well as that of your vehicle, which you can then paint if you choose. There are over 30 vehicles that you can drive around the city, some of which are classics from the 1950s which is a plus if you’re really into old vehicles. One thing you might have disliked about the previous game is how it played on PC. While this one doesn’t have the same issues, it still has some hiccups that may occur here and there. That being said, fans of Mafia 2 will still enjoy this title for all its content and great gameplay. If you’ve been following PC games as much as we do, then it’s likely that you may have heard of DOTA 2. This is one of those titles that everyone wants to get their hands on as soon as possible, and for good reason. There’s a reason why DOTA 2 is such a big deal, and that’s because it offers up tons of action and tons of things to do. If you’re not into the idea of having to kill everything like in most other games, then this might be something worth checking out. This title has been one that has been talked about for years prior to its release by the developers, Valve Corporation. The original was released back in 2003 and it has been played by many gamers ever since through an invite-only kind of system where only those with access could play it.


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